The BIO JET hand dryer blows water off hands by using high pressure airflow. Therefore, hand drying is done in seconds and there will be no need for costly* paper towels! BIO JET can save your company significant costs, and facilitates a cleaner toilet.

*costs and tasks associated to paper towels: purchase price / piece, inventory, logistics, refillings, getting rid of paper waste and the number of paper towels / hand drying is uncontrollable


Dries hands in 10 seconds hence it is as fast as using paper towels.


BIO JET is 97% cheaper than using paper towels, 1 hand drying costs just 0,05 cents


thanks to its filter system, the BIO JET blows 99% clean air onto hands

... and why is it better than the rest of the hand dryers?


quality parts and the 5 year's warranty ensure the long lifetime


uniquely low noise level at 65 dB means that it is not louder than a hair dryer


water blown off hands is collected in the water tank keeping the floor clean


it blows a comfortably warm air on hands without using a heating element


its elegant body and pearl shell cover fits even the most prestigious toilets


it has a low environmental footprint throughout its lifetime


BIO JET represents the top solutions of South-Korean innovations